Infant Care

2012-12-30_Emerson_Alyssa8_closeupI am deeply passionate in my work with babies and have extensive experience caring for newborns, infants and toddlers.

I am experienced in looking after twins & caring for two (or more) infants

IMG_0377I am committed to providing a caring environment for children that promotes sensory, cognitive, physical, and emotional development.

I value a play-based approach and believe learning can be fun and enjoyable.


I love reading, singing and talking to babies and believe that is the best way to encourage language development.

I also enjoy using baby sign language in my interactions with babies 5 months and older.

Research shows (and I have witnessed this firsthand) that signing:

  • helps develop early communication before children are capable of verbally expressing themselves
  • reduces the likelihood of tantrums and frustration in toddlers



I love being outside in nature and walks are often part of my daily routine with a baby.

I am familiar with all styles of feeding and am happy to support women through breastfeeding, bottle feeding or a combination of both.

I am educated on safe sleeping and can help a family find a sleeping arrangement that fits their unique needs.

I am well versed in a variety of soothing techniques to both calm a distressed baby and help them to sleep.

I come from a position of non-judgmental support.

I happily accommodate your family’s needs & choices.

I look forward to connecting with you and your family!

Email me —

Call / Text me — (530) 214-9098



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