IMG_3498“Alyssa joined our family last year as a nanny to our 3 month old daughter, Frida. Alyssa’s calm assurance helped us make the transition back to work seamless. She stepped right in and without much explanation knew exactly what we needed her to do. She managed all of our expectations with calmness and diplomacy. She had a natural rapport with our daughter and it was clear, very quickly, that our daughter loved and trusted her. She took on the daunting task of nannying our daughter and our friend’s son as part of a nanny share. Her experience with twins became apparent as she comfortably strapped on one baby while pushing the other in the stroller – always with a smile on her lips and bounce in her step. She was tireless, eager to try new experiences with the kids and always there for us as a confident support system and friend. We love her like family and are grateful to have her in our lives.”

— Brit, mom of Frida, age 3 months and beyond


IMG_4090“Alyssa is a true baby professional. She is smart, responsible, knowledgeable, and fun with babies. Alyssa takes her job seriously, and is always learning more and getting better. Our family was lucky enough to “share” Alyssa with another family, which meant that a few days a week, Alyssa would care for 2 infants: my son and my friend’s daughter. Even though our babies had different needs and personalities, Alyssa always made sure that both babies got everything they needed.

Alyssa is always up for a challenge and is a problem solver. For example, it was important for me to meet up with my son to nurse during the day. Alyssa would always find a way to make that happen, regardless of what other plans she had for the babies that day (and she often had big plans). I am very grateful for Alyssa’s help to our family, and I recommend Alyssa without hesitation.”

— Cassie, mom of Wes, age 4 months and beyond


“Alyssa is an amazing childcare specialist and a true professional. I highly recommend her to any family needing childcare or postpartum services. She is smart, well trained and absolutely dedicated to her clients. Alyssa joined my family when my daughter was 3 months old and I had to go back to work. I was so worried at the time about finding the right person to care for my baby but that all changed instantly the minute Alyssa held her. My daughter had been fussy but immediately calmed down and fell asleep in Alyssa’s arms within minutes. I knew we had found the right person in Alyssa right then and there. My daughter slept in her arms the entire interview.2012-12-30_Emerson_Alyssa8_closeup

Alyssa was our nanny for 13 months (that alone should say a lot). During that time, she was always professional, respectful and supportive of my requests and daily routines for my daughter. I was completely comfortable leaving my baby with her and was amazed at how quickly Alyssa taught her sign language. Alyssa transitioned easily between my daughter’s life stages; from bottle feeding to baby food, from baby care to toddler care, and even from diapers to early potty training. No matter what the stage, she always had a plan of fun and learning for the day and focused on my daughter’s abilities, interests, and personal pace. My daughter simply adored Alyssa (still does). In fact, one of her first words was “La La” (aka Alyssa). Of particular note, Alyssa always made sure to let me know of important milestones as they occurred, always texting me photos or videos of my baby singing, sitting up or starting to take her first steps if I was not there to witness it myself. For a working mom, this meant the absolute WORLD to me.

IMG_3317Alyssa was also a critical resource in helping me get through various issues related to postpartum. Her support and positive attitude really helped me stay focused on all the wonderful aspects of life until the “blues” passed. Alyssa was truly a gift and we were so honored to have her in our lives. Now that she is no longer our nanny, we consider her not just a friend, but family.”

— Karen, mom of Emerson, age 3 months and beyond



“Alyssa instantly had such an amazing connection with my twin boys! I always felt so comfortable with her, and never hesitated to leave her with my babies for long periods of time. She was very respectful and supportive of our routines and overall parenting style. She used a variety of strategies while working with our twins, and was constantly engaging them and teaching them so many things. She is very focused on understanding the specific needs of each individual child. Alyssa is caring, reliable, and professional. I couldn’t imagine working with anyone else!”

— Jacqui, mom of twin boys, age 8 months and beyond